Gopher or Bull Snake

We think there is a chance this is the same snake we’d seen several years ago, only much larger! Gopher snakes look similar to rattlers but their head is narrow and they don’t have a rattle on their tails. While they might coil and act like a rattler, they strike with their mouths closed. They are not venomous, they move very slowly and are not at all aggressive. They eat rodents and keep unwanted pests away. If you are ever fortunate enough to see this one please don’t harm it. It’s our friend!

2015 07-04 Gopher snake (9) 2015 07-04 Gopher snake (8)

About a week before we saw the big one, I’d lifted a rock beside the house and found a tiny baby gopher snake (probably 6-8 inches long). Hopefully we’ll see this one get bigger too!

2015 06-13 Itty bitty snake was under a rock