The Backyard

Our 2.5 acres sits on a hill but most of the property, while sloped, is great for exploring. We just started making some trails and hope to eventually add some picnic areas and a big fire pit. The picture on the left is the trail we made which starts at the lower deck. The picture on the right is halfway down the property and is a deer trail. We often see fresh poop but rarely are we quiet enough to see the deer.

Trail - just off lower deckYard - Deer trail halfway down property

At the end of the property is a ravine, you can’t see it from the cabin but our kids love to hike around and explore it. I took the picture from the start of the ravine looking back at the cabin. You can just see the tip top of the cabin poking above the trees.

Yard - Looking back at house from start of ravine

It’s hard to tell but you can hike down in the ravine (it eventually dead ends but you can go down to Black Canyon Spring in about 10 minutes, unfortunately 99% of the time the spring is dry). Just be mindful of other property owners as you are hiking through private property. This rock outcropping is the only real drop off on the property and it is one of my favorite photo spots, you can hike just below it and take a picture facing up.

Yard - start of ravine

It’s the spot we took our VRBO profile picture (which probably needs updated, it’s over a year old now and the kids look soooo young)!

Zach, Rob, Megan and Kim


To the side of the cabin is the archery range. We made a little trail with a rebar bow hanger and pvc arrow holder. It’s hard to see and I can’t remember the distances…I guess I could have taken a better picture. I want to say from the hanger the target is 20 yards (it’s the white blob at the end of the large log), the deer target is 30 yards and the hay bales are closer to 50 yards. The telephone pole past the hay marks the end of our property. If you hike up to it, the property behind us is undeveloped and the road along it is nice and flat. Great for an evening stroll to frog rock.

Side yard - archery

Downstairs Bunk Room

Our kids love the bunk room. It has two bunk beds with extra thick luxurious twin XL mattresses and high quality bedding. Even the adults that have slept in them have told us how happy they are that they fit, without having their feet dangle off the ends. We recently added a bunk bed staircase which makes getting into the top bunks much easier!

Bunk Room - with new stairs

It has plenty of toys and lots of room for the kids to play as well. Stick Ponies, Barbies, Horsies, Build A Bears, Pillow Pets, books, make your own monster puppets and bins full of Matchbox cars are waiting.

New Dining Room Table

We just got a new table (well new to us) with comfy, fancy chairs. It’s counter height so you can always pull over a stool for additional seating. We made our old table into a coffee table which we love as we can now do huge puzzles around the couch without taking up the entire dining table. The telescope was a housewarming gift but we haven’t figure out how to use it yet.

Dining Room

Around the Property

The side of the house shows how the decks are stacked with the lower deck having total access to the property. Just off the deck is a great spot to do some archery at one of our targets.

Cabin - Back Decks and View

Downstairs Wet Bar

Did you bring more food than one refrigerator can handle? Store the overflow in the downstairs fridge in the wet bar. Play a board game or do a puzzle at the small table by the fire.

Wet Bar