Yes, typical chain mexican food but their guacamole salsa is so yummy. Plus, their breakfast burritos are the perfect hangover cure. Located at 1835 State Route 260, Heber, AZ 85928. Just down the hill from the cabin!

Mama Santina’s

Finally, the official hours for the donut shop as of 2015. It’s a tiny shop located at 2805 Hwy 260, Overgaard, AZ 85933. They have the BEST cherry and blueberry fritters EVER. Rob adds a pat of butter and heats them until it melts to make them even better.

They have good breads too (though we haven’t loved their breakfast sandwiches and burritos with exception of the ham and cheese croissant). If you have a crowd or want something special like sub rolls then call ahead and place an order!

Mama Santinas Hours

Guero’s Tacos

Sadly Guero’s closed in the fall of 2013. We will miss this restaurant!

I love everything on the menu except the enchiladas (the sauce seems odd to me, then again that’s just me). Great salsa, meats are yummy and not greasy and it’s a casual place. The breakfast burritos work wonders for those mornings you need a little something to settle your tummy after a bit more, lets just call it “fun”, than you should have had the night before.

Best Tamales

The best tamale I’ve every had I got from the woman that sells them outside the Heber Ace Hardware. I know it’s not a restaurant but consider it take out. Her green corn chicken tamales are delicious. Very meaty, fantastic flavor, and not greasy. You’ve got to try them if you see her there.


Along with great breakfasts, sandwiches, and baked treats this is the only spot other then DQ one can find ice cream. It’s in the Bison Ranch shops and it’s just cute. My daughter was willing to share with a Moose table for sale in their super cute gift shop.

2011 08-06 Megan with Ice cream

June’s Cafe

June’s takes My daughter’s vote as the #2 best breakfast in Heber (next to fritters, they have more sugar so they take #1). Believe it or not she can eat the entire pancake. This place has been around for decades and is a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

2011 07-23 Junes