Sliver of a Moon

The moon was coming out and it looked amazing. You could see the shadow of the moon behind the sliver. Very striking.

2011 11-26 Moon

An hour later it was still huge so we went out in the driveway to take another picture.

2011 11-26 Moon 3

A Foggy Day

We were heading back to Phoenix and hit some crazy thick fog. Unlike anything I’d ever seen, cool yet spooky. It was lightly raining and snowing, it felt like we were driving through walls of fog. Suddenly we couldn’t see even a few feet in front of us.

2011 11-13 Fog

Approaching a fog “wall”.

2011 11-13 Fog 2

The mountains that we’d just driven through.

2011 11-13 Fog 4


One morning, we had dozens of different rainbows over the valley. At one point we had a triple rainbow and then the rainbow that went across our deck (that is one the banner of this blog). They were so huge it was almost impossible to get pictures. It was really amazing.

2011 10-07 Rainbow 2

The rainbows had interrupted my morning latte so I went inside to get it. When I turned around the rainbow had shifted and went across the entire deck. I’ve never seen anything like it, it was so thick and real. I felt like I could reach out and touch it.

2011 10-06 Rainbow

The Moon

The moon was the closest it had been in over 40 years. It took us a couple nights to figure out how to get a good picture, Rob finally did it!

The moon was the closest in 40 years (4)