Wash Fire, June 2011

While the Wallow and Willow fires were racing across Arizona, we had another small fire just 8 miles north of Heber named the Wash fire. At least this fire was in an area without trees so they were able to contain it with a few days. We thought the smoke was from the Wallow fire getting closer and wanted to drive out of Heber a bit to take pictures of the smoke. All of a sudden we were right next to the fire, watching the fire fighters work. I guess we arrived within an hour of it starting from a flat tire that sparked, it was already huge. All I can say is at least this fire was an accident!

This is what the fire looked like from the 260 as we entered Heber.

2011 06-23 Fire 8 miles from Heber, view from hill

This is the junction of the 277 and 377. You could hear it popping and cracking. It was such a strange feeling.

2011 06-23 Fire 8 miles from Heber, traffic stops here

We stayed long enough to see some helicopters drop water. They looked so tiny in the midst of all the smoke.

2011 06-23 Fire, Helicopter lowering into the trees

When we got back to the cabin the power went out. They had to turn off all the power in Heber/Overgaard as the fire was close to the power lines. We felt thankful that we had a generator to keep the freezer going, if only we had though to get some gasoline to run it!