Another Deer Family

Last year we had a mule deer family we would see almost every time we came up. This year we have a white tail deer family, the little ones are still so small. They are often right as you turn from the main road onto our dirt road, especially at dusk.

Deer on Canyon

Mule Deer

Most of the summer we had a family of mule deer at the turn off onto the dirt road. They must have bothered our neighbor as he put up fences to keep them from eating his trees but we really enjoyed seeing them every time we drove by. They were not shy and would just stare at us.

2011 10-05 Mule Deer on Canyon 2

2011 10-05 Mule Deer on Canyon 3

Elk in the Road

We saw a large group of Elk in Feb 2011 and then for the rest of the winter, nothing. We are starting to see them again but they sure don’t stick around for a picture! This one was just down the street from the cabin on our way in for breakfast.

2011 04-15 Around the Cabin (7)